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Das Absolute und Diamond Guidance

Seminar in Essenzarbeit



Das Absolute ist eine Dimension tiefsten Friedens und tiefster Ruhe. Es ist die Gesamtheit von allem, der Raum des Mysteriums und des Staunens, nur hier fühlt sich das Herz voll und ganz zu Hause. Wenn wir im Absoluten sind, fühlen wir uns in allen Aspekten unseres Seins vollständig und perfekt. Tiefer in unsere Essenz einzu-tauchen verlangt, dass wir unseren Diamantkörper erkennen und mit ihm in Kontakt sind. Wir betrachten die Realität in der Regel durch die Brille unserer Ängste, Traumata, Selbstbilder und Konditionierungen. In unserem Innern existiert jedoch eine Dimension, die uns erlaubt, die Realität unmittelbar und klar zu sehen und zu fühlen. Wenn das geschieht, werden wir uns unserer Verstrickungen bewusst und wie wir damit unsere Wahrnehmung blockieren.

Der Diamantkörper ist das Medium, das uns hilft, Verständnis zu erlangen. Er offenbart uns die Dinge so, wie sie  sind. Er ist der objektive, gesegnete Ort innerer Führung und geleitet uns zu Liebe und Wahrheit.

Wir arbeiten mit Meditation, Atem, dem Austausch untereinander und vertiefen den Raum der Selbsterforschung, da sie der direkteste Weg ist, uns diese Dimension zu erschließen.

Teilnahme Vorraussetzung

Die Teilnehmenden sollten über Selbsterfahrung und/oder Meditationserfahrung verfügen. Bei Rückfragen wende dich bitte an unsere Seminarkoordination.

English description

As a child we were born as a beautiful bundle of energy and essence. Slowly, in order to survive, we had to betray certain aspects of our being; we lost them, or rather, we lost the connection to that part of being. What stays is the presence of ‘holes’ and a feeling of deficiency and emptiness. In order to survive, we imitate these lost aspects of essence, and so lose our true connection with them. We surround ourselves with personality and defense structures. And so we return to our nature and essence.
Essences are essential states that can be felt. They have a texture, are cold, warm, and circulate in the body. Each brings a psychological issue. Essence is colorful, subtle and fine, but feeble in the body.

This training will focus on the subtle organs of spiritual perception called the Lataif, as a pathway to retrieve lost essential states. The teaching of the Lataif was transmitted directly to Faisal by a teacher of the highest order in the Sufi tradition.
Each Latifa is experienced uniquely and has its own colour, location in the body, aspects and qualities. We often recognize these qualities in ourselves, and it is extremely confirming to make this connection.
The Lataif also have their own set of issues which may have developed around the holes we experienced when the Essence diminished. The issues show themselves naturally when we invite and experience a particular Essence once more. Coming to know an issue, in the environment of the Essence it has been obscuring, allows the possibility of that Essence being integrated into the system again.
The five major aspects are: will, joy, power and peace, courage and the life juice of love.... We all have that inner urge and longing to find ourselves... We will stop only when we attain godhood. Use the desire and longing to kindle the inner flame. We all have different aspects of being, but often forget the way to connect with that essence. This process shows you a way to remember again, slowly, step by step.
In this training we will explore different dimensions and aspects of being. Through this beautiful and powerful work, you will gain insight and understanding, and with it comes clear guidance and tools to use in your daily life. Together with meditation, self-exploration and sharing, the training will enable you to regain lost parts of your essential being, and find the source of your self-worth, love, power, strength and courage, will and trust, and true self-love and compassion.

The White Latifa
known as the Will Essence, it has to do with a feeling of inner solidity, inner support and a sense of value. It is the relaxed confidence that comes when we are in contact with our Being. It is grounded, resourceful and committed.

The Red Latifa
known as the Strength Essence, it has to do with our capacity to be an individual; it brings the strength to separate from old structures that no longer serve our evolution and uniqueness. It is passionate vitality, enthusiasm and the strength to go into the world with all its challenges.

The Black Latifa
known as the Peace Essence, this latifa is about our Love of the Truth and longing for Peace. It is a very deep dimension of looking in and realizing a state of inner mastery. Here we face our concepts and fears about death and confront the main layers of ego defence.

The Green Latifa
known as the Essence of Compassion, this Latifa gives us a profound understanding of and compassion for our ego structure. It is the compassion and understanding which allows us to go deeply into our wounds and heal them. It gives us the capacity to do the same with others.

The Yellow Latifa
known as the Latifa of Joy, this subtle dimension of our Being is like an inner sun shining and is about our innate capacity to live in Joy and Curiosity. It is a place where our old negative self-images and seriousness are dropped and our light-hearted innocence is regained.

This work uses self-inquiry as its principal methodology. Simply put, self-inquiry is our love of, curiosity about and commitment to knowing the Truth about ourselves. Self-inquiry is taught in detail and is applied and articulated in different ways.

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04.10.2018 - 07.10.2018
Beginn am 1. Tag um 10.00 Uhr

520,00 €
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